Fat Pink Boy - Episode 232

This week was had a lot of funny moments with Scott's brother, Mark, joining.  In the news we talk about Castlevania and The Witcher coming to Netflix, Destiny 2 on PC exclusively through the Battle.net launcher from Blizzard, Xbox Game Pass launches, Square to sell off IO Interactive, Hyperkin's NES Mini, Vanquish coming to PC, Ed McMillen confirms new game on twitter and BW3s hosting Hearthstone playoffs. We cover a bunch of games including, Body Harvest, Smash TV, Madden 92, Wild Guns Reloaded, Remember Me, Record of Lodoss War, 13th Age, Castlevania Bloodlines, Gunstar Heroes, Contra III, Snipper Clip and Forza Horizon 3 Hot Wheels DLC. Enjoy!

YouTube Channel of the Week: Bennett the Sage

Castlevania Netflix Trailer

Destiny 2 Battle.net

The Witcher on Netflix

Xbox Game Pass

Square to sell IO Interactive

Hyperkin's NES Mini

Vanquish coming to PC

Ed McMillen new game

Hearthstone Playoffs at BW3s

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#FORKRAID - Episode 231

This week our friend Xearrik brought his audience over to raid our recording and it was awesome. We touch on the Bladerunner 2049 trailer, Tokyo 42's release date, meth bag being bought at GameStop, Forza Horizon 3's Hot Wheels DLC, Elder Scrolls collector's edition stopped a bullet, the lost Sonic skateboarding game, and Ben Heck has fully restored the CD SNES prototype.   

Nitpicks are Vindicated - Episode 230

This week Dustin gets a SEGA car and Scott fixed his grill with Amazon. In news we cover Darksiders 3's trailer, 2DS XL, Genyo Takeda retires from Nintendo, Gaming Historian's D-Pad video and Blu Ray. We've been playing Sonic Adventure 1 &2, Mario 8 Deluxe, and Adventure Island.  

Kung Fu Legolas - Episode 229

This week we are joined by Hugues and Rob from The Retro League Podcast! We play a little trivia and go heavy on old video games. In the news we discuss Tomb Raider being playable in a browser, Zelda's fan project to bring Breath of the Wild to 8 bit, 10 uses of the Konami Code, Easy Allies Deus Ex Retrospective, and Night Trap's 25th Anniversary re-release on PS4 by Limited Run Games. Games the week include Bomberman 94, Beath of the Wild, Ghost in the Shell, Remember Me, Sonic Adventure, Rad Racer II, Blaster Master Zero and more!

Tanking Through Diablo - Episode 228

This week Xearrik fills in for Dustin and we get deep into why we don't like Super Mario 2 (The Lost Levels). In news we cover the NES Classic Mini production ending, SNES Classic Mini rumors, WeGame, Diablo 2 pacifist run, AMD 580 GPUs, Star War Battlefront 2 story writers and trailer, and Starcraft 1 & Brood War available for free. Xearrik has been playing the Fallout series while Scott has been into Rocket League, Super Mario 2, Soul Calibur II, and Zelda Breath of the Wild.

The Nostalgia Monster - Episode 227

This week Dustin and Scott talk about the gaming benefits of the Windows 10 Creators update, Microsoft's Xbox Academy, CD Project Red clarifies Cyberpunk Trademark, the new Pinball World Champion is 13 years old, G2A's response to TotalBiscuit and Gearbox, Polygon looks to be doing some PewDiePie clickbait over his Twitch channel, Bayonetta 1 on Steam, and Bioware's new DRM sticks the Mass Effect Pirates with all of the old bugs and animations. Games we've been playing include Ghost in the Shell for PS1, Dark Souls, Zelda Breath of the Wild and Blaster Master Zero. Enjoy! 

Importing UK Gliders - Episode 226

This week Dustin and Scott realized they bought novelty planes from the UK. We talk about the Mega Man cartoon coming to Cartoon Network, CD Project Red trying to trademark the work Cyberpunk, Overcooked coming to Switch, Mad Catz closing, Switches bending, Blizzard wins lawsuit against cheat maker, Valve talks to TotalBiscuit and Jim Sterling about Steam curation, and using your PC as a PS2. We've been playing Flashback on the SNES, Ghouls N' Ghosts, Zelda Breath of the Wild, and Blaster Master Zero.  

Free as in Beer - Episode 225

This week podcast topics include Paprium from Watermelon Games, Twitch's game selling service starting, Ocarina of Time world record, Starcraft Remastered, Lego City Undercover requires huge download on the Switch, Alicia Vikander looking the part of Lara Croft, and real NBA Jam EPROM with Michael Jordan. Dustin has been playing Castlevania: Encore of the night while Scott played Batman on the NES, Super Mario Run on the Android/Pixel and more Zelda Breath of the Wild. Enjoy!

A Clicker Mini Game - Episode 224

This week is heavy on Nintendo Switch news, including the left Joycon issue being fixed by Nintendo, approaching Cyanogen CEO Kirt McMaster for OS help, Bloodstained being cancelled for Wii U, and Swith production being doubled over the next year. We also give an update on Colin Moriarty and his instant success on Patreon, Zelda Home Automation, and Nerf John Wick. Dustin has been playing Flashback for the SNES and Castlevania Symphony of the Night on PSP. Scott has been playing Batman on the NES, Trick Towers on PC and Zelda Breath of the Wild. Scott also was able to purchase an Open Source Scan Converter (OSSC) in hopes of doing high-quality Genesis and SNES content. 

A Precog and A Jedi - Episode 223

Dust and Scott have both have been having good weeks. We get into our thoughts on Colin Moriarty leaving Kinda Funny, the Disney Afternoon Collection, Drew Scanlon's new venture after Giant Bomb called Cloth Map, what 3D blue rays are like in PSVR with the PS4 Firmware 4.5 , why games ported to Switch are more expensive than the the other systems, and Trappist-1. Dustin finished Deux Ex and explains why Max Payne is one of his favorite games. Scott talks about Super Mario 3, The Little Mermaid and Zelda Breath of the Wild. Enjoy!